Tree Jumaring in Rishikesh


Tree Jumaring

Jumaring is a very unusual adventure for climbers. It involves climbing up a rope via Jumars. These Jumars are a kind of clamps attached with a handle that helps in moving freely up a clipped rope and locks down on application of certain downward pressure. This rope exercise is quite popular among children and climbers who enjoy climbing challenges. Tree Jumaring is not offered at all the camp sites and one has to seek for the place that arranges this adventure for the tourists.

This activity needs balancing and focus. It is unlike rock climbing where climbers hike up over the rocks with the help of natural grips, step over edges of the rock and climb using essential equipments. Instead, in Jumaring, the climber uses ascenders as known as Jumars to climb up the webbed ‘ladder’ to reach the tree top. This webbed ladder is used because it facilitates the climber to step up by pulling themselves up on the rope.

The beautiful nature presents picturesque settings around this adventure and present exciting challenge to its travelers. Even children get thrilled watching climbers enacting this unusual activity and wait for their turn to perform tree Jumaring. Generally Jumaring is known as ‘Jugging’ and is used as aid climbing. Aid climbing technique is used only when climbers couldn’t get their hands into thin cracks of rock while climbing featureless rocks. Tree Jumaring is little different from normal Jumaring Activity and is specifically designed to give fun filled adventure to the tourists. Just envisage climbing a tree without taking any support of tree trunk but rope. It is an interesting way to challenge Newton’s gravitational law.

In Tree Jumaring, the participant ought to wear light and feel energetic. The climbing rope is looped over the branches of tree and is knotted after every inch by the instructors to give support to the climber. The instructors stand down holding the rope to prevent it from heavy shaking and keep guiding or motivating the climbers to finish their task. Reaching the top of the tree through Jumaring infuse a feeling of glory inside the climber. The climber must rely on his muscular strength and use it wisely in order to climb up. One gets to feel his real weight and pushing it upwards need that muscular strength.

This adventure brings a sense of self awareness and confidence in the climber. This rope exercise improves agility and requires usual physical strength. Young children are quite flexible and love doing this activity. Corporate groups and students are often seen lurking around the Jumaring camps to experience this joyous activity. Visit Rishikesh and get a taste of these fun filled adventurous activities. Tree Jumaring is easy and a family adventure, so don’t miss it.