Camping in Marine Drive

Camping in Marine Drive

The serene, plush and heavenly beautiful Rishikesh is situated about 23 kilometers north to the city of Haridwar. Recently the popularity of the town has gained momentum due to its sports culture.

Situated about 26 kilometers away from Rishikesh, Marine Drive is frequented by tourists for enjoying white water rafting. On the first day, the tourists get to enjoy trekking in the jungle, Neergarh waterfall and the Vashist Cave. The evenings will definitely invite bonfire and sumptuous dinner. The second day is dedicated towards rafting.

Marine Drive is a less crowded place as compared to the more popular spots for white water rafting. It is advisable to enjoy the activities during the months of September and May. The stretch available for rafting at Marine Drive is about 25 kilometers. ‘Three Blind Mice’, ‘Hilton’, ‘Bodysurfing’, ‘Double Trouble’, ‘Terminator’ and ‘Crossfire’ are few of the popular rapid names given to the marine drive white water rafting while rafting to Shivpuri and Rishikesh. This location is about 27 kilometers away from the famous ‘Ram Jhula’. At all point of time there are experts available to give the right guidance and direction to keep the journey safe.

Conclusively, as a passionate traveler one can also visit the temples, ghats and ashrams to know more about the town. The approximate cost excluding the transport charges for a single person will be between INR 1200 and INR 4000. But if you are planning a holiday especially with your family alone, Marine Drive Rishikesh Camping can possibly be the best escape route. Stay away from electronics and work, get close to the nature and seek real peace by spending time in the simplest of forms.