Camping FAQs

You may be new or an experienced traveler for camping in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. But there can always be some or the other doubts that you would like to seek clarification for. It is always advisable to read about camping substantially before experiencing the excitement, fun and adventures at Rishikesh. You can go through the Camping FAQs in this section to have all your queries resolved before you book a trip for yourself and your friends or family. These FAQs will certainly be of great help especially to the beginners who have very limited or no idea about camping to seek the basic understanding of the trip.

What kind of camp should I choose?
Camping at Rishikesh is one of the beautiful experiences not to be missed in a lifetime. However, it depends upon the choice of the traveler which particular camp he or she desires to choose for. There are luxury camps and regular camps to choose amongst the beach camps and the jungle camps. The only difference between the luxury camp and the regular camp is that the former comes with high end facilities making it more expensive. If you prefer just to enjoy the sound of the jungle by treading inside, then jungle camps should be your choice irrespective of being a luxury or regular one.

What is the best time for Camping in Rishikesh?
Rishikesh gives an amazing experience in terms of white water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, cliff hanging, mountain trekking, bungee jumping and jungle walks. Although the travelers visit Rishikesh all round the year, the best time to enjoy the place is during the spring, when the snow of the Himalayas is gradually melting away. At this time the weather is warmer and there is lush greenery around to soothe the eyes. Ideally one should choose anytime between February to Mid June and Mid September to Mid December for camping in Rishikesh. May to June and December to January may witness low count of the travelers and June to August is a complete off season.

Which location is the best for Camping in Rishikesh?
Rishikesh situated in the laps of Himalayas on the bank of river Ganga has various locations to offer to camping enthusiasts. Shivpuri, Bramhpuri, Marine Drive, Byasi, Kaudiyala, Sinthali and Neelkanth Road are the tourist spots. Although Shivpuri and Brahmpuri are the most places most frequently visited by tourists, Marine Drive, Byasi and Kaudiyala make the second best preferred choice for them. Shivpuri and Brahmpuri are located about 18 and 10 kilometers from Rishikesh. While Sinthali is more famous for its white sand beach, Byasi and Kaudiyala are the hot tourists spots visited for a challenging rafting trip by hardcore adventurous people.

What is the difference between a Beach Camp and a Jungle Camps?
Camping at Rishikesh can be segregated into two categories – Beach Camps and Jungle Camps. Beach Camps refer to an excursion that involves rafting, and rappelling. For beach camps, travelers reside close to the shores of Ganga throughout the trip. On the other hand the Jungle Camps would mean the travelers stay closer to the Jungles around Rishikesh and get an opportunity to explore the surroundings through walk, trekking and cliff hanging. If beach camps can give you an adrenaline rush through various activities, the rare peace and tranquility sought through the stay in jungle camps is what cannot be described in words. CHECK DIFFERENCE

What are the things that should be carried for camping in Rishikesh?
Rishikesh is a must-visit location for adventurous travelers across the nation. For a visit to the camps one must certainly carry bathing suit, towels, t-shirts, extra undergarments, sunburn lotion, plastic bags, sunglasses, insect repellents, sneakers, geographical map, swimming goggles, flashlight, extra batteries, waterproof cameras, zip lock waterproof bags and energy bars. During winters, it is important to carry sweaters and gloves. In summers it is advisable to pack soft and light clothes that make you less weary. Other basic necessities of medical aid, food and water are already included in the camps. Hence one may stick to the important things when planning a trip to this side of the Himalayas. BEACH CAMPING CHECKLIST | JUNGLE CAMPING CHECKLIST

How is the food and lodging at camps in Rishikesh?
Camping in Rishikesh can be planned for duration of 3 to 7 days. The food and lodging facilities may differ on the basis of the type of camp chosen. Luxury beach and jungle camps include state-of the-art facilities for the tourists. While the regular camps offer above average amenities. In an ordinary camp there are beds, bathroom with basin, shower and hot water facility, lantern, wifi connection. The exclusive luxury camps may include power backup, air conditioning, proper lightings and fans as well. Food offered will vary from north eastern to southern cuisine. A typical meal will include a curry, rice and chapati with raita.

What are the camping tips for Kids?
Camping in Rishikesh is all about fun and adventures. However if there are families planning a visit to the scenic location, they better follow few guidelines for ensuring safety of their children. Since the camps are either close to the waters or the jungles, it is imperative that children stay close to their parents or elders in the group and remain safe from drowning in the river or getting lost in the jungle. It is necessary for children to wear all the proper gears while rafting and in case of staying in the camps using insect repellents to avoid any infection. In case of winters woolens are a must for kids.

What are the camping tips for Couples?
As much as Rishikesh is a place known for adventurists and spiritual people, it is equally a romantic location for couples to visit. Few tips that they must follow to remain safe are:
- Seek guidance from the experts before getting ready for rafting
- Keep sufficient back up of clothes for change
- Carry a waterproof camera to capture all the lovely moments together
- Avoid wearing jewelry especially the valuable ones
- Make sure to douse the fire during the night at camp before hitting the bed
- For the beginners, do not try the advanced levels of rafting
- Reach the camp before it gets too dark

What are the camping tips for Girls?
Rishikesh located in the northern region of India is well known for beach camps, luxury camps and jungle camps. People often visit the place with friends, families and sometimes alone. In case of girls visiting it, they should ensure:
- To know thoroughly about the kind of activities that will be conducted
- To carry enough clothes for change in case of rafting
- To avoid wearing jewelry or other accessories during the excursion
- To stick to groups and not wander alone in the jungle or on the coast of the river
- To eat and drink less and wear the necessary gears before the adventure sessions

What are the camping tips for Elderly?
Rishikesh offers the locations of Shivpuri, Brahmpuri, Neelkanth Road, Byasi and Kaudiyala for various adventures such as cliff hanging, rock climbing, rafting and jungle walks. All these are not limited to the young crowd; even the elderly can choose to go for camping. However they must ensure they carry sufficient clothes according to the season of their visit to the camp, mosquito repellants, medicines, drinking water, and spectacles (if any) with the rubber frame and sports footwear for ease. They must avoid carrying valuables and expensive items. They must strictly follow the guidelines of the experts to enjoy a safe excursion at Rishikesh.