Food & Dining in Jungle Camps, Rishikesh

Food & Dining in Jungle Camps

Camping in Jungles is one of the most intriguing but interesting activities in Rishikesh. The best part of camping is dining in the lap of nature and these memories are cherished forever. One can relish the smell of nature’s fragrance fusing with goodness of fresh food cooked at the jungle camp location. There are camp-side restaurants also for the tourists in case one wants to experience different cuisines from the ones served in camps. Resort restaurants at jungle camps offer foods sophisticatedly in covered or open spaces as per the choice of guest.

Jungle Camps have limited facilities as compared to Beach camps. Jungle camps have an adventurous ambience where people feel free from the worries of their life and are sensitively affected by nature. Imagine plucking a wild fruit from a tree standing near the hidden waterfall and sharing jokes with friends is just way beyond reality. This imagination can turn into reality by staying at Rishikesh’s wonderstruck jungle camps.

Jungle camps have a team of talented chefs to prepare rich, nutritious and delicious meals for the guests. Luxury tents have an in-built attached dining facility in addition to a separate dining area for the guests. To add more joy to stay, Camps organize Barbeque Dinners after their adventure trips to end their day on a happy note.

The hospitality of the Jungle camps in Rishikesh is well appreciated by tourists. To make the stay pleasant and homely, the ambience is created within the camps. Food, music, recreational activities, corporate demands etc. are intrinsically taken care of with precision and delicacy. The following are provided in the camps depending on the package selected by the guest:

Welcome Drinks
Healthy breakfast
Buffet Lunch
Evening beverage with cookies

Just envisage the aroma of sumptuous food around the Bonfire with live music. Jungle camps can be easily visited by couples, families, friends or companies. The Company visits are booked in advance where menus, tents, conference equipments, rope activity kits are pre-requested and fixed accordingly. Buffet Lunch or Barbeque Dinners are beautifully organized well on time at these jungle camps. Visitors often look forward to food and dining arrangements at Jungle camps and are more than satisfied.