Checklist for Jungle / Forest Camping in Rishikesh

Jungle Camping is one of the most electrifying activities in Rishikesh. The rough terrain, lovely hidden waterfalls and the magnificent flora & fauna of Rishikesh Jungles entices adventurers to pack their bags and enjoy the stay in this nature’s paradise. But, it is better to heed the Jungle Guide’s directions and make a list of following things before heading towards the campsites:

- Wear light and fast drying clothes.
- High Rubber Boots to facilitate walking on Jungle’s rough terrain and to avoid insect bites.
- Light bag packs and avoid any heavy equipments as overburdening can make the walking slow and exhausting.
- Mosquito Repellant to safeguard from mosquito bites
- Binoculars
- Torch along with extra batteries
- First Aid medical kit
- Knife and scissors
- Match sticks
- Extra pair of socks
- Light Plastic dish and a water bottle

The List may not cover one or two more items but it is advisable to get a complete list from Jungle Guide to prepare for Jungle Camping.