Jungle / Forest Camping Facilities in Rishikesh

With a splendid presence of jungle camps across Phool Chatti, Neelkanth Road, Shivpuri and Mohan Chatti, tourists visiting Rishikesh will make the most of their time enjoying in Rishikesh with utmost comfort and relaxation. Situated right in the midst of nature’s pride, jungle camping becomes an altogether splendid experience to relish. Best suited for people in all age groups, jungle camps are well equipped with best in class facilities. Jungle camps give Tent Accommodation to get the real feeling of camping. Moreover, the site includes cottages too for comfortable staying. Buffet meals or appetizers are served at bonfires with lively music. Basic amenities namely, water, fooding, light & electricity, attach toilets/bath, medical aid, quilts, bedding, etc… are very well available too.

- Heval River Bank
- About Jungle Camping Area
- Lodging facility
- Food & dining
- Loos & bath
- In House Sports & Recreation