Inhouse sports and recreation in Jungle Camps

Rishikesh Jungle Camping is full of adventure, frolic and excitement. Tourists can never get enough out of this place and crave for more. Here, jungle camping is not just a vacation rather it is a trip to heaven. Blooming nature soothes senses and shows a path to live life freely. People come here to have relaxation, adventure or sights, and they get all of it Jungle Camps of Rishikesh.

These Jungle camps offer numerous recreational activities in addition to adventurous activities i.e. rock climbing, jungle safaris, cliff jumping, trekking etc. These camps organize the following:-

Sports activities:
- Volleyball to revitalize energy and for fun
- Badminton to trigger enthusiasm
- Yoga & Meditation to rejuvenate mind & soul
- Indoor sports like Carom Board, Cards etc.

Recreational Activities:
- DJ Music on demand for larger groups or corporate group
- Light Music and Dance around the Bonfire
- Barbeque Dinner
- Spa Services

Some of the above facilities are included in the camp packages and some are provided on demand. The memories of these fun-filled, thrilling activities enjoyed together with co-travelers or family & friends are cherished forever. The melodious music of nature coerced with lightning flames from bonfire and smiles from dear-ones is more than enthralling.

Yoga, Meditation and Spa Services are categorized as special services and are provided on demand. They are just ideal in this place because one can rejuvenate best in the lap of nature. Bonfire with light music and dance is apt during camping as it flares inherent emotions and lighten the soul. Sports activities forms the best recreational pastime and makes the stay all the more vigorous.

The nature becomes man’s best friend when one is surrounded by blooming trees, chirping birds, gurgling water and a wide range of nicely arranged frolic activities.