Rishikesh Camping Season

Rishikesh is considered as an all time destination as tourists are seen visiting this town throughout the year. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check on the weather conditions before planning any camping trip. Spring season starts from February to mid May and seems to be the perfect time to enjoy the warmth of melting snow from Himalayas along with green nature. Also, September to November seems to have pleasantly cool weather to enjoy bonfires and river-rafting.

Camping in January
The winters start bidding adieu during the month of January when weather starts changing from coldest to cooler. The town seems to have low tourist season because of unpredictable weather and lasting vacations. Travelers can be seen wandering out to enjoy sights and places around the city but very few are seen camping near the banks or at jungle camp sites. Evening temperature can dip up to 10 degrees Celsius during January and one needs to carry woolen clothes to get the warmth in such chilly climate. Tourists prefer hotels, lodges or resorts than camps to stay safe, warm and comfortable.

Camping in February
February is one of the best months to enjoy camping in Rishikesh. Climate starts coming to its pleasantly normal state and spring start knocking doors. Campers heed the weather forecast, book packages in advance and pack their bags. Adventure lovers from all over the world are often seen camping at the Jungles campsite or on the river banks to enjoy numerous exciting activities like Jungle safari, Cliff Jumping, bungee jumping etc. The temperature goes between 14 degrees to under 30 degree Celsius. Camping infuses spirit, action and an enthusiasm in the travelers during such pleasant natural conditions.

Camping in March
Spring comes to its full bloom in the month of March when the snow starts melting at The Himalayan Mountains. The greenery on the hills intoxicates the surrounding with its booming fragrance and freshness. Be it Beach site or Jungle camps, camping becomes a full hit amongst tourists. Bookings are made in advance and Rishikesh gets bustled with travelers, camps, adventures and energy. Even the Holy Ganges welcomes the visitors through its rapids and falls. The climate is warm and pleasing because temperature varies and stays below 30 degree Celsius. Days remain pleasant and nights get comfortably chilly.

Camping in April
April in Rishikesh is devoted to the families, when kids get their vacations and hectic lives need a short break. The town witnesses a gush of travelers camping during weeks or weekends. Companies also organize such adventurous trip to boost up the employees after their strenuous work in March. Though mild summer heat may be experienced in the air due to hilly climate but, it doesn’t stop people to plan a camping vacation in Rishikesh. Temperature may vary from 20 to 35 degrees celsius with mild sunny days. Jungle Camping is best to enjoy during this month because of some awesome adventures like trekking, waterfalls, bird watching, rock-climbing, jungle safaris etc.

Camping in May
Camping till mid-may sounds good and advisable because of high precipitation and sunny weather conditions. Afterwards, summers blaze the surroundings and adventures can be exhausting. Living in the tents sounds little uncomfortable and tourists also prefers to stay at hotels or lodges. Rishikesh perceives changeable weather conditions and the town see winding up at camp sites. Camps on the banks of the river stay till the end of May and then wind up for the forthcoming off-season during Monsoons. Temperature gets warmer with sunny days and mildly cold nights and temperature varies from 20 degrees Celsius to over 35 degrees Celsius.

Camping in June
June bring full effect of summers in Rishikesh though the climate doesn’t reach to extreme points. Temperature may go as high as 45 degrees and as low as to 30 degrees Celsius. Due to hot and precipitating weather conditions, tourists stay away from camping and adventurous expeditions. From this month onwards, Rishikesh face a dry tourist period with very few travelers lodging and sightseeing around the town. The summers are on their peak and monsoons season awaits, this makes the weather quite unforeseen and it is advisable to check the forecast before leaving the house for this alluring town.

Camping in July
Rishikesh is known as one of the holy cities of India and an abode of God. July bring showers of rain in the town and inception of monsoons. Camping and other adventurous activities are halted during rains in consideration to the risks involved and for the safety of the tourists. Moreover, as per Hindu calendar, ‘Saavan’ month is an auspicious month and is celebrated by lord Shiva devotees. During this festival, thousands of pilgrims visit this holy city to pay homage to Ganges River and worship at the temples. It is advisable to avoid planning any adventuresome visit or travelling spree to Rishikesh.

Camping in August
August in Rishikesh features heavy rains, thundering clouds and rapid flow of River Ganga. People in Rishikesh take a month’s break from the tourists’ rush and working arrangements. Most of the adventure activities are suspended till the weather clears and river flow calms down. This month is known as off-camping month due to unlikely climatic conditions and for the safety of people. The average rainfall in Rishikesh during this month is about 2100 mm with cloudy days and cool nights. August is observed to have the highest rainfall in the year. Patience is the need of time here adventurers as forthcoming months shall satisfy their urges and cravings.

Camping in September
Rishikesh is well known for river rafting and other river adventures which make this town the 'River Rafting Capital of India’. The weather during September remains conducive for river rafting and other sports. The town is filled with tourists and camping sites are all booked in advance. The excitement of travelers bubbles up when river rapids play with the tune of pleasant climatic conditions. The temperature is mild and pleasant with light sunny days and cool nights. Camping here during this month is just ideal to spend vacation. Visit Rishikesh in September and fall in love with this town.

Camping in October
Climate in October is akin to that of September i.e. pleasant and temperate. Rishikesh gets busted with travelers and the town just looks fabulous. The town gear up to set the camps for the tourists and make best arrangements for their advance bookings. Adventurous activities are in full course because of apt weather, quaint rapids of River Ganga and nice timing. September to October months is considered to be High season because of climate and allure tourist to visit Rishikesh. Nature is at its best in the month of October and adventure lovers just cannot get enough and crave for more.

Camping in November
November brings along the onset of chilly winters. The weather gets pleasantly cool and enjoyable for camping trips. Bonfires in the night give warmth to the travelers and adventure lovers. One can find tourists hovering outside the camps with light woolen cloth or preparing for trekking, river rafting or rock climbing in the month of November. Temperature starts dipping down in the night but comfortable enough to hang out or stroll in night. Adventure packages are available and bookings remain on for the tourists. Days remain pleasant and enthusiasts enjoy playing volleyball or badminton during their morning time.

Camping in December
Winters in Rishikesh are quite cold with breezy nights. December is considered as low season here when one finds limited camps and tourist’s buzz. Due to chilly weather, cool winds bring shivers and river waters feels cold. Limited activity packages related to Jungle camping are booked by travelers. Still, the town holds a unique driving charm that doesn’t stop people to visit the place. It is advisable to check the weather forecast before packing and appropriate woolen attire is essential to keep them warm. Temperature may go low up to 8 degree Celsius and high up to 20 degree Celsius.