Rafting Tips for Kids

Water either allure kids or scare them. River Rafting is not a playground but a serious adventure which needs caution and passion both. Children needs well learned guidance, support and surveillance from their adults before taking them to any rafting expedition. Rishikesh has provided clear instructions on River Rafting and about its rapids. In consideration to the enthusiasm in children, Rishikesh has marked a grade 1 rafting stretch for children above 12 years, which contains easy, low waves rapid with clear, obstacle free passage. This rapid is well known as ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and is appropriate for families having children over 13 to 16 years. The beauty of this rafting stretch is that it suits the kids, non-swimmers or amateurs and bubble up their spirits of adventure.

Children under 12 years are strictly adhered from River rafting expeditions. International Grading System has marked ‘Sweet Sixteen’ as Grade 1 and is considered to be as quaint combination of safety and fun. Kids can enjoy river rafting on these rapids and can cast off their fear from water in future. Adventures do make children fearless but it is advisable to teach them on heeding expert’s instruction and taking caution to ensure their safety.

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