Loos & Bath Facilities in Beach Camps, Rishikesh

Loos & Bath Facilities

NOTE: All the Beach Camps in Rishikesh are closed due to NGT's (National Green Tribunal) orders. Click Here to know more. Only Forest / Jungle Camps are available

In the beach camps, common bathrooms and loos are available on sharing basis. The bathrooms comprise of washbasin along with a large wooden plank which is used as bathroom flooring for taking shower. While the hot water may take some time to come you might as well take shower using the regular water and let the cool breeze of Rishikesh give you relaxation. The walls of this kind of bathroom are made out of the material used for making tent. Hence the sheets of the material may keep moving with the wind. But if you really desire to go for camping, you ought to know that a little bit of discomfort is bound to come. Infact it is a new funny yet exciting way to enjoy the holidays amidst the serene white sand beaches or the thick jungles at Rishikesh. As a matter of barely few days, bathrooms and loos should not rob you off the enthusiasm to learn about new places.

When the matter is about the type of accommodation offered the participants in the trip, hygiene becomes the focal point. Mostly the camps include hygienic and systematic bathrooms and loos for the travelers. However, there may be complaints coming from the travelers end with reference to untidy bathrooms and dirty loos. It is always advisable to go for a camp for which you have got a positive review in all aspects.