Rafting Tips for Non Swimmers

River Rafting is a fun-filled and exciting adventure but it is all about water. It is not a usual boating voyage and thus, needs instructive guidance. River Rafting in Rishikesh is not restricted for Non-swimmers and they can also have their hearts filled with spirits and excitement. Swimming surely releases their fear from water but not to worry, non swimmers can experience rafting on Grade 1 river rapids of Ganga i.e. ‘sweet sixteen’ where water flow is easy and passage is clear with no obstacles.

Families visit Rishikesh during vacation and the members either don’t know swimming or don’t have any rafting experience. It is advisable to learn complete information on White Water river Rafting. Experts or Guides should be approached for detailed guidance on the risks and precautions involved in taking this expedition. Rafting boats can be operated by an expert runner on the demand of the families and they provide time –to –time live instructions on River Rafting. Grade 1 River rapids are just quaint to start any rafting expedition and even a non-swimmer can make the best out of this scintillating adventure. Camping in Rishikesh at Riverside amidst Himalayan valleys and exciting river rafters can arouse even a non-swimmer to have a gala time in the town.

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