9 Best Restaurants in Rishikesh

People going for distant places to enjoy a best sort of phase are deliberately in a look to enjoy the delicacies and minimum essential stuffs available at the place. Besides checking out on adventurous sports, activities and other skills like yoga, meditation and other classes, one also tries to enjoy the spice of food too. Each one of us is always ready to try out some novel cuisines, food, drinks, etc… to treat your taste buds with special gesture. Fortunately, Rishikesh falls under the same category of the food invention and people are genuinely interested to have the taste of the new and different cuisines that must not be tried ever.

# 1 Bistro Nirvana

Bistro Nirvana calls a perfect party trip when already on the trip for Rishikesh. It makes you feel good about lots of things right from the beginning you enter it. It has got the good food taste and it is evident from the critics who visit the place for the same interest of their own. One can get wide range of cuisine from the same starting from Chinese, Continental and Italian too. The price range is quite economical that leaves no regret to go for the particular choice. It is quite nice to deal with the same place and the services being provided helps in enjoying the ambience with great food choice.
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# 2 Cafe Delmar/Beatles Café

The restaurant Café Delmar/Beatles Café are otherwise termed as 60’s. It has got the right view of the Ganges to look on. Secondly the place tops in hanging out with friends and enjoying the widespread menu at the same time. The crowd coming to the place is almost full by 6 pm in the evening. It is one of its own kind and the most happening place where friends can have oriental and international food cuisines being served to all. The place has got good vegan food range too. It is quite a bit expensive but then the food served is of high quality and the place is being enjoyed as a part of viewpoint for the Ganges flowing across.
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# 3 Chotiwala Restaurant

Chotiwala Restaurant in Rishikesh has got a nice peculiarity of its own. It is quite packed with healthy foods and the process is also continued through online delivery to distant places to. They basically cover the traditional Indian food which is again quite tasty and at the same time being truly healthy on all aspects. The restaurant is well connected with all means of transport and appeals people for its good services. The quality standards are highly encouraged and the foods ingredients include do also help in making the food very noteworthy at the same account. There is catering services attached to the same. Boasting a glorious legacy of several years, the name Chotiwala is renowned across the country.

# 4 Ganga View Restaurant

People visiting Ganga View Restaurant have loads of positive reviews in their bags. It is one of the most highly appreciated of the lot. Many things are quite well served as hinted well in the menu cards. The place is quite scenic and awesome when spoken in terms of rephrasing the beauty of the place, also the view that one can go through. The food served here is high in quality and covers breakfast, lunch and other meals hours. Also there are lots of vegan foods too which keep people go for it every time. Also there is inclusion of bakery foods for all.
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# 5 Green Italian Restaurant

Green Italian Restaurant in Rishikesh has got wood fired pizza with a different flavor from the regular ones which is quite an amazing experience for all. It is the perfect place that gets the best Italian food for its customers. All the food content present in the place is quite good in taste and made up in the best way. It is happy to enjoy the meals and go across the conventional lines to experiment something new and delightful to have with. There are international cuisines available in the same place too. One can enjoy the natural beauty along with the delicious food being served on the same plane.
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# 6 Lucky Restaurant

The place offers best food to strive for. Also, there are awesome points to view for. One can enjoy the best parts of the place while being on a meal course with friends and family. Every trip wants a better spot to relax with and such a place needs best food to be served with. With restaurants like this one enjoys both the charm of the place. People like the Indian food served over here which includes Nan and other spiced up items in the menu. It is quite cost friendly and again gives a better view of everything with not an expensive hand.
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# 7 Madras Café

It is always fun and pleasure to have the unexpected things at an unexpected place. Madras café serves the same for any one. The feeling of having the food of south in north of India is extremely pleasurable. People will definitely love the concept of south Indian breakfasts and beverages being served up north. This is the best place for the same and it offers right from the minimal breakfast to the eateries and delights like coffee and tea. Even the meals with tomato rice and so are extremely fun to have with lots of chutney and sambar. This proves the traditional trait of India.
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# 8 Raasta Cafe & Bakery

Raasta Café and Bakery has got the best bakery serving with cinnamon rolls and pizza as well. You can choose the best of restaurants from the lot with the best breakfast options. The interiors of the restaurants are highly fine and get the best deal in the city. The menu displayed is highly promising with the best food items being loaded in the menu line. The wholesome experience was a highly magical moment where one can really dive into the food and donning rituals continuing at the place. The desserts and food items are very fine with the `climatic changes as experienced in the place.
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# 9 Ramana's Garden Restaurant

Ramana’s Garden Restaurant is one of the organic food store that is well complied with menu, food and ambience at the same level. The food gourmet is of high worth due to its standard and people can access the best possible organic food items can get the best display here. It has got the best salad with best food line. Though the food remain on pricy level there remains a line of food items displayed for all. People can access the beauty of the nature. There is an orphanage attached to the place in a walk like distance and it is easily accessible by all.
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