Rafting and Camping Terms (MUST READ BEFORE BOOKING)

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We welcome our visitors and we want them to understand that Rishikesh Camping is an adventure tourism and one should know the following things before planning booking a camp from our website RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com.

  1. RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com team request you to thoroughly check all the packages carefully. You can inquire at 8920242952 and get complete information.
  2. All the Packages mentioned on the website RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com have the actual pictures of camps / activities. Slight difference could be there due to season to season installation of tents/cottages.
  3. No Refund, If visitors deny to stay into the camps for any personal reason. RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com always provide the same camp and same package as mentioned on the website. Check and read all the camp details carefully before selecting the camp (Eg. facilities, distance from parking, photographs etc.)
  4. There is plenty of information which is associated with Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh and over the phone all the information cannot be remembered to explain. So visitors are requested to read the complete detail of the camp they are selecting on our website.
  5. To and Fro charges (Rishikesh to Camps and Camps to Rishikesh) to be bear by Guests/Visitors.
  6. There would be no pickup from Camps for Rafting Activity. Visitors are requested to report at Rafting office (of the camps booked) in Lakshman Jhula, Tapovan. Pickup for Rafting is from Office in Lakshman Jhula.
  7. Total decided package cost will not be affected if there is any reduction in the number of persons.
  8. Visitors are advised to travel light as they would be required to carry their own luggage down and up from the camp. Avoid carrying jewelry and valuables.
  9. The camp facilities are exclusively for the resident guests. Drivers are required to make their own boarding and lodging arrangements.
  10. Visitors are required to sign a disclaimer / liability waiver form on arrival. Please carry a proof of identity.
  11. Carrying of firearms / weapon / drugs are strictly prohibited.
  12. Open Loud Dance Music is ban in all camps in Rishikesh. Only few of the camps listed on website are offering DJ Music / Discotheque in a sound proof hall arrangement.
  13. 1N 2D means 24 Hrs, 3 meals i.e. Day 01 Lunch to Day 02 Breakfast and 2N 3D means 48 Hrs, 6 meals i.e. Day 01 Lunch to Day 03 Breakfast
  14. Execution and completion of all the activities mentioned in the 24 hours package would completely be depend upon the visitors timely readiness.
  15. Visitors are required to follow activity and meal timings.
  16. At Night, Nobody is allowed to go near Ganga river. Swimming in River Ganga is not allowed without wearing life Jackets.
  17. Beach Camps: Bonfire activity closes down after 15 May till September every year.
  18. One or two bonfire would be provided to all the groups in camp.
  19. All activities are subject to the weather conditions.
  20. We are committed to provide the content as per the package selected by the visitor from the website "www.riverraftingrishikesh.com" under normal circumstances only. In case of road blocking due to traffic jam, landside, storm or any other natural disaster, pandemic etc. we shall not be responsible for any refund of fare. If a passenger chooses to proceed further on his/their own in such a situation, we will not be responsible for their action.
  21. RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com or Camping companies would not be responsible for your personal belongings like mobile/camera/watch & any other.
  22. RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com or Camping companies does not offer any insurance policy covering the expenses for accident, sickness, loss due to theft, or any other reasons. Visitors are advised to seek such insurance arrangements from their own. Baggage & personal property/s at all times are at the client's risk.
  23. Unreasonable or threatening behavior will not be tolerated and camp manager reserve the right to refuse the entry of anyone who is behaving badly and causing troubles to other holidaymakers. In such cases we will not provide a refund for holiday days lost.
  24. Children must not be left unattended in the units. Children must be continuously supervised by their guardians (adults) who are to be totally responsible for their welfare and behavior.
  25. Budget Camps (Cloth Tents) in Rishikesh means NO attach washroom, NO Electricity, NO Fans or Air Coolers. Washrooms are Shared/Common. However some camps (Cloth Tents) on our website are with some of the basic facilities like attach washroom or air cooler or charging point or standing fans.
  26. You may need to trek (Ranges from 50 meters to 500 meters) from Road/Parking to Camps. The trekking (easy/difficult) distance varies from camp to camp. Read the camp pages thoroughly on our website before finalizing the camp and making the advance payment or Call ask the RRR representative at 8920242952.
  27. Govt. had put the ban on all those camps which were on the beaches. Only few camps are operational (following NGT Norms) on the Ganga River Bank (near Beaches) with private land. Click here to check all those available beach camps on our website.
  28. Advance payment is required for the Camp booking and that advance amount varies from camp to camp or 1 night to 2 nights stay which ranges from 1000 per person to 2000 per person.
  29. Balance payment to be made as cash before Check-In to the camps. No Credit/Debit Card or Paytm accepted due to internet connectivity issues in the camp areas.
  30. While Check-In to the Camps, Visitors who are interested in Next Day Rafting should convey about their head count (number of persons/rafters) to the manager, so that he can book the same for them in advance. And those who are interested in Rafting on Day One, should convey about the same to the camp manager a day before their arrival.
  31. Most of the camps don't have GST No. So only few camps listed on our website have GST. On demand of bill, GST would be applicable over and above the mentioned charges published on our website.
  32. 90% of Rishikesh's Camps are located on the Tributary Rivers Banks and rest of 10% near Ganga. The water level of both the rivers get up and down many times in a year due to summers or monsoon.
  33. RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com has got Tie ups with many Camping Companies in Rishikesh which are listed on the website. Website's responsibility is to ensure the delivery of the Camp, its Activities, Food etc same as per the package mentioned on the website (On Camp Page). "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET" is the one and only motive of the website.
  34. RiverRaftingRishikesh.Com does not hold responsibility for any dispute occurs between the visitors and the co-visitors or the staff of the camp booked.
  35. Rishikesh has a very high season during the March, April, May and June every year. So there is always a huge rush in Rishikesh during the weekends due to which you may face a Traffic Jam in Rishikesh.
  36. INR 2500 per person is Rafting Price from Kaudiyala to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach (35 kms)
  37. INR 1500 per person is Rafting Price from Kaudiyala to Shivpuri (20 kms)
  38. INR 600 per person is Rafting Price from Marine Drive to Shivpuri (10 kms)
  39. INR 1500 per person is Rafting Price from Marine Drive to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach (25 kms)
  40. INR 1000 per person is Rafting Price from Shivpuri to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach (15 kms)
  41. INR 600 per person is Rafting Price from Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach (9 kms)
  42. INR 600 per person is Rafting Price from Club House to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach (9 kms)
  43. A Rafting Association with the name "Ganga Nadi Rafting Rotation Samiti" has been formed and all the Rafting Operators have been registered under this association.
  44. Customers are required to book their Rafting through Rafting Operators / Online Agencies only.
  45. Walk-In Customers can book their Rafting from Rafting booths which recently have been installed at 8 to 10 places in Rishikesh including Tapovan, Lakshman Jhula and Shivpuri.
  46. Government has banned all those Raft boats / Companies which were operational without license and without certified/trained staff. So there is a reduction in quantity of boats to fulfill the demand of River Rafting.
  47. Visitors are requested to do Rafting early in the morning at around 7 or 8 am to avoid the huge Jam in Tapovan to Shivpuri Road. We have seen people stuck in Jam for hours and got their Rafting un-availed due to their lateness.
  48. Near Monsoon season, if Rafting closes down by Govt. seeking water level, All the bookings would be converted to Camping and Food only Package and Rafting amount would be refunded.
  49. Near Monsoon season, only 9 kms (from Brahmpuri) or 11 kms (from Phoolchatti) of Rafting would be provided. Whichever would be permissible by Govt after seeing the Ganga water level.
  50. Anybody found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, medically or physically unfit (any serious ailment, weak heart conditions, epilepsy, asthma, expecting mothers etc) unfit for any reason/s in the wisdom of the river, guide/instructor will not be allowed the rafting trip or undertake any other adventure activities. Request for a refund or a discount in such circumstance/s will not be entertained. Decision of the river guide / management in this regard would be final.
  51. Bulky clothes, saree, necktie, long skirts, suits are not permitted. Shorts, T-shirt preferably of synthetic material, floaters / sandals, sunglasses with strings are recommended.
  52. River Rafting is on sharing basis.
  53. Package & Cost is based on a minimum strength of 08/14/16/18/24 pax.
  54. During the complete journey period, all risks to life and/or luggage property of the passengers would be to his/their own account
  55. Rafting is allowed only for people above the age of 14 years.
  56. Rafting is not allowed for the persons above 110 kg.
  57. We will not be responsible for your personal belongings like mobile/camera/watch etc. during rafting
  58. Rafting activity is subject to the weather conditions / Ganga water level / Government Instructions