Luxury Camping in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh lures tourists from all over the world because of its exotic natural surroundings and the homely ambience. The setup of these camps capture the quintessence of beauty from gurgling noise of the River Ganges, in case of Beach Camps, and from lush green views of the Himalayan valleys from Jungle camps.

Travelers are given varied choices in camping. It varies on the basis of price, facilities, adventures, food and location of these camps. Luxury camps are equipped with comfortable facilities and have an air of lavishness inside the tents. Special arrangements are provided in the tents as well as at campsites. One can get both i.e. the taste of opulence along with the thrill from adventure by booking stay at these luxury camps.

Luxury camps provide exclusive amenities to please the visitors, it includes:-
- Spacious Alpine Tents beautifully adorned by rugs, carpets and colorful curtains.
- Lavish double beds with attached shower cum bath room.
- Pleasing interiors to give homely touch
- Simple furniture includes a tow chair and a table to dine or study
- Electricity and running water
- Meals(Morning, Afternoon, Evening) – Buffet or Room Served
- Barbeque Dinner
- Room Service

Apart from the above, guest get to enjoy the additional features that makes the camping unique. Bonfire with music, dances and food just make their moments here even more luxurious. Recreational activities and in house sports like Volleyball, indoor games i.e. carom, chess or Spa Services & meditation are provided either in the packages or on demand by the guests.

Where to find these luxury camps?
Whether it is beach side or jungle side- Luxury camps holds a special touch of richness that makes the stay both comforting and enjoyable. All the camping spots in Rishikesh i.e. Brahmpuri, Shivpuri, Marine Drive, Byasi or Kaudiyala provide both Luxury as well as Standard camps. Beach side camps generally have temporarily fixed tents depending on their set up near the river due to the ups and downs of river flow.

Tariff Structure
The prices for one night stay at luxury camps starts from Rs.2000 to Rs.3500 per person. The prices vary due to following reasons:
- Duration of stay
- Number of persons in the group
- Number of Adventure Activities
- Weekdays / Weekends
- Extended Weekends eg. Good Friday

Special services like yoga, meditation, spa services are provided on demand and shall cost extra. Any kind of DJ Facility or Conferencing hall along with audio-visual equipments can also be arranged at these luxury camps but should be booked in advance and at additional costs. Just envisage the lavish stay away from hectic city life in the rafting capital of India i.e. Rishikesh.