29 Most Exciting Adventure Sports and Activities in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the most exciting towns in India with numerous activities one can envisage. People come here to shove off their worries so they seek for exciting tricks and stalls to enjoy the most out of this place. The town offers spine-tingling adventures and rejuvenating sports to make the visit awe-inspiring. The sights of these sport activities are undoubtedly unusual i.e. riverside and jungle camps. Imagine the thrill of playing indoor games with co-travelers or family members just outside a camp and under the beautiful azure sky. There is no other way to visualize it, but to enjoy the same in reality.

To start the long list of adventures, the town hides more than just River Rafting. Cliff Jumping, body surfing, canoeing, Kayaking are some of the adventure sports which rush the adrenaline of holidaymakers. On the other hand, there is rock-climbing, rappelling, Waterfall- trekking, paintball, etc… that gushes up the excitement in Jungle Camps. Cost of camp packages vary, based on the number of activities included in the package. Moreover, the camps organize recreational activities for the visitors to enhance their enjoyment which includes Beach Volleyball, Badminton, indoor games like chess, carom board etc... Special services like yoga, meditation, spa services can also be provided on demand by the guests. Plan a right camp package while staying in Rishikesh to get the most of everything.