Food & Dining in Beach Camps, Rishikesh

Food & Dining in Beach Camps

NOTE: All the Beach Camps in Rishikesh are closed due to NGT's (National Green Tribunal) orders. Click Here to know more. Only Forest / Jungle Camps are available

As an adventure enthusiast, food will be certainly a secondary affair. But one cannot ignore it. All the guest houses or hotels or camping agencies at least cover basic amenities of food and lodging so as to make the travel of the tourist worthwhile. The food cooked in the camps may be limited but is excellently cooked. One can say that the ordinary and the luxury camp come with the same kind of hygienic and supreme quality.

The camps include cooks and chefs from Nepal and those coming from the Himalayas to prepare lip smacking food for the travelers and double their enjoyment during their stay. The only difference between what is served in the luxury camp and the ordinary camp is the volume of food. In the luxury camp, there will be a buffet, while in the latter one the same food is available in limited quantity. The main part of the cuisine in a typical meal offered by the camp agencies will include rotis, raita and two to three kinds of vegetables. This is clubbed with a tangy pickle and followed by a sumptuous dessert. The dessert could be kheer or a regular Indian sweet dish.

At the end of each camping day, it is a nice idea to hit the camps and enjoy nice sumptuous food. This can happen only if the package you have chosen hires good cooks. You can do a comparative study of all the camps or even seek review from those who have been to the camps before finalizing one.

A lovely cooked cuisine is like the icing on the cake. Once you have completed your share of adventures during the day and wish to relax, the mouth watering food prepared offered by the camps will do the needful to prepare you for the next day. The best part is dining right under the stars glittering in the night. Travelers can sit around the bonfire as well to enjoy a beautiful dinner talking to the fellow co- travelers and sharing their own experiences.

For quite some time now non-vegetarian food is banned in the town of Rishikesh. Besides the camps, there are many food joints available for North Indian, South Indian and Ayurvedic food. Various restaurants and cafes can be found near the Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh to satiate your taste buds.