Kayaking in Rishikesh

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Kayaking in Rishikesh

One of the popular water sports that allure travelers in Rishikesh is Kayaking. River Ganga offers exciting rapids that work perfectly for this adventure sports. Kayaking was not quite popular initially in India but with time, it is observed that travelers have developed an inclination for this scintillating activity too. The fast moving white water river flow drives the adventure to book Kayak boats and hit the rapids.

In Kayaking, the person uses a specially designed boat named ‘Kayak’ to cross the river way. Kayak’s interiors are different from canoe or raft and contain a double blade paddle to stroke the river rapids. This boat is run by either one or two people only. Kayak is closed from most of the sides and opens up just little to make a person sit comfortably inside it. One can stretch out its legs in this boat and due to closed portion of Kayaks, their lower portion stay hidden inside it. The Hand Paddles in Kayaks helps in rowing the boat over the white water surface. These Kayaks are available in different shapes, sizes and colour.

Adventurers can choose to make this sport both easy and challenging at the same time. In Rishikesh, the river water rapids are graded by International Grading System on the basis of level of difficulties. The parameters are very clear i.e. passage, obstacles in the path and river flow. If one wants to enjoy sailing on mild rapids, then grade 1 is perfect choice. Grade 1 river rapids are simple, flowing with a clear passage and no obstacles in the way. On the other hands, if one wants to get thrill then kayaking at higher grade river rapids will present more challenge. Here the passage may be narrow, has serious obstacles in the path and water flow is quite high. The real fun in this adventure is to be sailing on those Kayaks and feeling the adrenaline rushing in the body.

All these river adventures need precaution and carefulness. Expert’s Instructions or experts themselves are always available to guide the adventurers on the dos and don’ts of this exciting adventure. Following are some of the significant steps to consider before heading forward for Kayaking: