Zipline / Zipping in Rishikesh

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Zipline / Zipping

Excitement in Rishikesh never ends and colors the vacation of holidaymakers via its exquisite natural beauty, sights and thrilling adventures. River Rating is, apparently, the heart of all the adventures but with time people have started seeking for more fun by picking other new adventures. These adventures are never earlier tried but are heard from friends or seen on television. The town makes you fly, swim, trek, sail and lots more through newly conceptualized themes in the adventurous activities. Jump in Heights is that main spot which makes adventures fly from ground into air and let the nerves tingle in the whole body.

Zipline / Flying Fox activity is akin to flying fox. Jump in Heights gives access to a world of flying by introducing new horizons in the field of adventures. The arrangements are internationally approved and are designed by New Zealand’s Adventure Designers. It has arranged foreign coaches who are experts in this field and train the travelers on the basics of this game. Shivpuri camps have got a range of Zip Line Adventure Activities.

Let’s understand the process of Zipline / Flying Fox Activities. Here the person is harnessed to the wire and this wire is attached to two sides. The Person then first rolled down by the wire due to release of gravity upto about 7 meters. above the level of river and then pulled back via retrieval mechanism. Finally, the person is rolled down again to settle at its lowest point. The nature feast observer’s eyes with its greenery and the lovely view of flowing river underneath tickles the stomach. Cerebral senses play marathon inside one’s head when excitement springs up. This Zip line tour is about 70 metres high above Ganges. People of all ages love this adventure sports as the experience of flying through the zip line fantasize their minds. The facilities are no different from flying fox with only one difference. Flying Fox can be enjoyed by 3 people in tandem whereas zipline is done solo.

All adventure needs proper comprehension and safety gear. International Experts at the site give all the participating adventurers a brief session on the procedure and requirements of Zipline Adventure Activity. It is important to learn and heed the guiding instructions as they are meant for the safety of adventurers.

Following are some of the important notings on Zipline Adventure:

Rishikesh is a rocking town that can pump adrenaline in one’s body through an array of thrilling activities and events. Look out for a camp package that includes all the favorite flying adventures one seeks to enjoy.

S.No ACTIVITY PRICE (Per person INR) Booking Advance (Per person INR)
1. Entry Ticket 100.00 0.00
2. Bus/Coach (Pick n Drop) 300.00 0.00
3. Bungee / Bungy Jump 3500.00 300.00
4. Giant Swing 3000.00 250.00
5. Flying Fox (In Tandem) 1700.00 150.00
6. Combo 1 (Bungee + Swing) 6000.00 500.00
7. Combo 2 (Bungee + Flying Fox) 4500.00 400.00
8. Combo 3 (Swing + Flying Fox) 4200.00 350.00
9. Thrilogy (All 3 Activities) 7000.00 600.00

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