Phoolchatti Waterfall Trekking

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Phoolchatti Waterfall Trekking

Phool Chatti Waterfall in Rishikesh is another beautiful spot that mesmerize travelers by its mystical environs and awestruck beauty. Foreign tourists love the natural setting of Neer Gaddu waterfall, Garud Chatti Waterfall and Phool Chatti Waterfall. The three waterfalls are just few kilometers away from each other and are near to Laxman Jhula. Campers and tourists trek down or drive to all these spots in a day and enjoy relaxing, bathing, photographing or eating around these places.

Phool Chatti Waterfall is also situated on Neelkanth road and appears as small as Garud Chatti Waterfall. Since the trekking path is quite slippery and needs extra caution while walking up to the main spot, it is very essential for tourists especially girls and senior citizens to walk cautiously placing every feet with utmost alertness. But the moment one reaches the exact point, the beauty simply mesmerizes the senses to the core. The view simply makes one forget about every hurdle or obstacles in the path. The greenery around the Phool chatti waterfall is due to its proximity to the forest area.

Campers staying in the jungle camps don’t miss the chance to see this wonderful spot. Travelers have written cool travel blogs to share their awe- inspiring travel experience from the trekking point to its slippery path and majestic ambience. It seems that one has reached to a paradise which is sheltered by beautiful Himalayan valleys and lush green forest of Rishikesh. The water flowing out of naturally carved rocks tranquilize the tingling sensations and overwhelm its viewers.

Many cottages and jungle resorts are located near Phool Chatti Waterfall which facilitates the holiday makers to pack their bags and reach the spot to enjoy bathing or picnic with their families or friends. Visit during summers especially in morning or early evening is just right. Camp packages include trekking to these waterfalls and it is awaited by each and every guest staying in the camps.