Agewise Rafting Tips

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River Rafting in Rishikesh is open for all people irrespective of their ages. One needs to understand following important points before choosing any rafting expedition:

- River rapids are generalized by International Grading System depending on their level of difficulties. The grades starts from 1 till 5 and are marked on the basis of river flow, obstacles, water current and passage.
- Children under 12 years are not allowed on any rafting expeditions.
- Children over 12 years and senior citizens should not undertake any rafting expedition which is graded over 2.
- One must choose a stretch that suits his physical stamina and age under the directions of River rafting experts and instructors.

- Rafting Tips for Kids
- Rafting Tips for Youngsters & Middle Age
- Rafting Tips for Elders
- Rafting Tips for Experienced Rafters
- Rafting Tips for Non Swimmers
- Rafting Tips for Phobic Persons

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