Beach Volleyball in Rishikesh

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Beach Volleyball in Rishikesh

Rishikesh gives a privilege to its travelers to loosen up and revitalize their energies. Adventure seekers can’t miss the chance of adventure and they indulge into all these hosted activities. But what about those who don’t like adventures, but wish to have a frolic stay in Rishikesh? The town doesn’t disappoint them and boost the spirits through in-house sports.

Beach Volley Ball is just appropriate on white water sands on the banks of River Ganga. This game is akin to Indoor Volleyball but with extra elements. Playing on the sandy surface at the banks of the serene Ganges, makes this sport all the more interesting.

Following are the highlights of this sport:

Travelers from coastal areas know all the skills and settings of Beach Volleyball. One can find people of all ages, attired in casual clothes like shorts and swimming suits, sending signals to their team mates during the game. Noises of guffaws and screams charge the ambience of campsites. The game is just an excuse to shed their stressful lives in that white sand for some time and arouse the spirit of happiness.

Generally, most of the camp packages include Beach Volleyball as part of offered activities. Riverside camps make all the arrangement pertaining to the game i.e. location, nets, volleyball, scoreboard etc… in consideration to their location near the river stream. Cool evening time, probably, is the best time to enjoy this leisure exercise than sunny mornings. Also, it is one of the popular leisure activities in Rishikesh amongst families, friends and corporate groups.

The beautiful Himalayan Valleys and striking environs of the town invites tourists to indulge into such energetic games apart from other adventurous activities. Beach Volley Ball in Rishikesh lightens the mood and energizes the tourists in quite an unusual way. The facility is available any time during the year and can be enjoyed any time on demand of the guests. Elderly catch their young times by indulging in these sports whereas youngsters feel glorified in competing against each other. The majestic fragrance of smiles mesmerizes the photographers to capture the moments of joy inside their cameras.