Camping in Byasi

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Camping in Byasi

NOTE: All the Beach Camps in Rishikesh are closed due to NGT's (National Green Tribunal) orders. Click Here to know more. Only Forest / Jungle Camps are available

Byasi is a small village situated about 25 to 30 kilometers from Rishikesh and approximately 260 kilometers away from Delhi. Ideally Byasi which is densely surrounded by Sal forest makes one of the best places for enjoying white water rafting. Surrounded by the hills on two sides, the river waters resonate with the loud noises of the rapids of The Danies Dip, Roller Coaster, Club House, Double Trouble, Terminator, Three Blind Mice, Golf Course, Initiation and Hilton. Situated on the national highway no. 58 at Badrinath road, Byasi should be visited between February and June or September to November’. Those who desire to choose Byasi as their preferred location for camping can also reach the village by the Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun. Proper railways are also accessible to reach the camping venues.

The main reason for so many tourists from different northern states of India visiting Byasi for water rafting is that the village has a suitable demography and consistent water flow of the river Ganga. This makes the rafting comparatively smooth and easy for each traveler. Besides the adventures, the spiritual connect of the popular town of Rishikesh can be sensed once people get closer to the River Ganga. However you may choose to wind up the tour but make sure you do not leave rafting or camping in and around Byasi.

Rishikesh as a town of Uttarakhand has been famous for its spiritual tourist spots or pilgrimage sites. However with the gradual progress of time, it is going to be the top place for enjoying vacations and quality time with friends and family. Every person aged 7 to 65 years of age can participate in the white water rafting and let the inner voice come out. You may hear screams and shout loud but that is the appropriate way to enjoy the ride.